a natural

in craps, a “natural” is the first roll of 7 or 11 that immediately wins the stake.


a note for my better half

My better half

all smiles

marriage announcements

from Elmer Franzman to Bunny McCoy (August 1, 1943)

North Africa
August 1, 1943

Dearest Bunny,

I know now, that I’ve heard the best news a boy in love can hear. Bunny I’m in love with you and your mother’s letter made me happier than I’ve ever been in my life.

I have four pages of paper before me. I can’t say everything I’d like to, and go into detail on four pages. There’s not enough paper in North Africa to express all my love anne thoughts of you. Abe Lincoln always made his speeches short and always was very successful, could I be as lucky as he in my short letters?

The happiest moments of my present life are spent day dreaming of you and future plans I’d like to have come true. If you and Doug have split, my chances are improving. I hope so…

As one natural to another, bye and lots of luck.



(you know what)

from Bunny McCoy to Elmer Franzman (August 15, 1943)


Francie darlin,

I’ll admit you’re doing a pretty good job of convincing me on how good you are professionally and otherwise. I know you’re a good dancer and romancer. I believe you would bmake a good husband in the way of being considerate, kind, unselfish, a good hard working provider, perseverance, broad minded, intelligent, conservative, and I do believe you’ll get somewhere in this world. You have an even disposition and that’s one thing that really counts with me from now on.

In fact, you have every quality I could ever wish for in a husband. Honey, have you grown any since I saw you last? How tall are you now? Remember how self conscious I always was about that? I always wore flat shoes when I went out with you. I guess I always would be self conscious about it. You’re so darn sweet it would be worth it, I guess.

You’re too good a man to let go of. You needn’t worry about traveling through life alone, honey. Any girl would jump at the chance to marry you. You’re good looking, easy to love and get along with…We’ll let nature take it’s course, huh? 

Love as always, Bunny
a natural

P.S. Remember me. (That’s an order.)

S.W.A.S.D.F.W.K. Sealed with a super duper Ft. Wayne kiss.

P.P.S. Honey are you allowed to tell me where you are? My 1st guess is Africa and second Tunisia. Or am I wrong all together?